The all-new Xbox Game Pass family plan is extended to include friends too, aside from family members – as seen from a leak of the latest rebranding of this plan.

The new plan will now be called “Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family” and costs $25 a month – up from $9.99 for a single Xbox Game Pass. The new family and friends bundle includes all the perks of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, which makes it worth paying for it.

Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family

One of the best bets that Microsoft ever made in the gaming industry is the Xbox Game Pass subscription – which it launched in 2017 and packs several features and games according to various plans of it.

While everything seemed reasonable, the Xbox community has been begging the OEM to offer a family plan – similar to what we have in OTTs now – so it’s easier and legal to share the access with their family members, even for a slightly higher price.

And Microsoft is finally doing that, as it confirmed a family plan for its Xbox Game Pass subscription earlier this month. It’s currently being tested in Ireland and Columbia and costs $25 a month.

While Microsoft is yet to name officially, a branding leak shared by an Xbox and Windows watcher – Aggiornamenti Lumia, shared an exciting detail of this plan – which is the inclusion of friends too! And it’s officially called an Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan.

So anyone subscribing to this plan can share their account with up to 5 other people, be they friends or family. The only catch is that all those have to be from the same country. The all-new Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan offers hundreds of games across Xbox, PC, mobile devices, the web, and soon smart TVs from the houses of Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, EA, and Ubisoft.


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