Apart from making the best budget handsets, Xiaomi is hoping to enter the smart glasses space soon.

This was revealed by the company’s CEO, who showcased their new technology concept of Xiaomi Smart Glasses today. However, apart from key features and the design outlook, this new product has no price and launch date details.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Adding to the context of smart wearables, Xiaomi is preparing a new smart glasses technology, which its CEO teased today on Twitter. While it’s not a complete product yet, it’s said to be a new technology concept added to its arsenal of wearables.

Looking at the design, the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses seem very much like regular sunglasses but pack many smart features in them. These include translating text in real-time, viewing notifications, responding to calls, taking pictures, etc.

Weighing just over 50g, this concept device has a quad-core ARM processor that’s the size of a rice grain and performs all the critical operations.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses uses a MicroLED display with 4μm sized pixels that peak at a brightness of 2 million nits. The display is of the monochrome panel, so no vivid colors as in your smartphone. The display uses optical waveguide technology that throws light at 180 degrees, spreading evenly throughout the glass panel.

This device comes with Xiaomi’s XiaoAI assistant to perform all the primary and general activities like responding to important notifications, checking home alarms, information from office apps, messages, etc.

With a 5MP camera at the front, you can take pictures on the go and respond to calls with built-in dual beamforming mics and speakers. It packs a battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules, and a specific version of Android software with an elegant design.

With no details on price and availability, Xiaomi has just teased its cool product in the pipeline and said the all-new Xiaomi Smart Glasses is “an engineer’s look into an advanced future.”


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