MIUI on Xiaomi devices in China is blocking Telegram, calling the instant messenger dangerous.

While it’s a default security feature in MIUI to flag suspicious apps, triggering this warning on an app like Telegram is unconvincing. While Xiaomi is yet to clarify this, many thought the move increased levels of China’s censorship, as Telegram offers secured communication.

Xiaomi Blocks Telegram

One of the many exciting features Xiaomi added to MIUI 13 last year is a security trigger that notifies users of a suspicious app. Besides informing, the feature will remove the app from the device and even block its installation in the future.

Though this setting aims to counter malicious apps, many thought it was a move to maintain China’s censorship – by blocking apps that facilitate secure communications. These speculations grew when MIUI stopped apps that enabled users to alter network settings beyond the default settings.

Making it more intriguing, the security feature has now flagged Telegram in China, as some users reported seeing a warning calling, “The app has not passed Xiaomi’s security review. This app is fraudulent, and using it may lead to risks like fraudulent deductions or unwarranted consumption.”

While it’s unknown what counts Telegram is seen as a threat, some assume this alarm is a mistake. Xiaomi has not clarified this issue, considering Telegram a notable communication app.

There’s no wonder even if the Chinese government triggers this move, as the nation has a long history of blocking apps that circumvent their censorship. Western social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp were banned long ago and replaced by local alternatives.