Xiaomi is finally rolling its new bloatware, MIUI 12. This one’s loaded with new and improved features to be one of the best skins out there. In a few features like fitness tracking and animation transition, Xiaomi claims to be on par with iOS! The beta version of MIUI 12 will be rolling to the below list of devices today at 6 PM.

New Features of MIUI 12

Improved Animations and UI

Xiaomi seemed to work on this from scratch, as everything looks refreshing now. From increasing spaces between texts to have a simple white background, it focuses on the text being more clearly visible.

Changes are noted in charging animations, battery stats, screen rotations, arranging icons on the screen, checking notes, recent menu, etc. Xiaomi claims this freshly revamped system animations are at par with Apple’s iOS smooth app transitions!

Fitness Features

The new in-built fitness features will now record your steps while running, walking, cycling, and even stair climbing! It will now also track your sleep like duration of REM and snoring times, to help you have a healthy sleep.

Live Wallpapers

This one’s got differentiating improvement than other OEM developments. Unlike just adding new live wallpapers in, Xiaomi gone creative in zooming the live wallpapers. The new live wallpapers as Moon, Earth, Mars landscapes will be zooming in from space-level to aerial level when you unlock the phone. Further, they do down when you go into a folder, and ultimately zoom us when you come out.


Xiaomi has finally bought support for adding a picture-in-picture. This is by allowing a box-type window over your screen when you’re doing something else that’s occupying a full screen. For example, you can view and reply to conversations on a pop-up window while playing games or watching a video. The can be size-adjusted too.

Privacy Settings

New privacy settings
New privacy settings

Here, Xiaomi made a clear leap. MIUI 12 will have three types of privacy settings as Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask System. Under Flare, the OS settings keep a log of all permissions information given to apps and alert you the access of features by apps whenever they’re used.

Under Barbed Wire, you’d be asked to confirm the access given apps like allow only once, allow every time, or reject the app’s request. This is to ensure you’re okay with the app’s access. Finally, under Mask settings, it prevents untrusted apps to access sensitive info like IMEI number, contacts, calendars, messages, etc, and even give a spoofed identity if an untrusted app wants to access your info.

Via: XDA Developers


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