It’s been less than six months Xiaomi pronounced for the stoppage of developing the MIUI 11. The firm’s already crafting the next update, MIUI 12. As usual, we’ve found few leaks tipped from Chinese forums, that have the MIUI 12 interface designs. These leaks render the developed features of navigation bars and gestures, multitasking animations, polished camera UI, immersive dark mode and new notification panel design.

MIUI 11 was launched on September 24th last year, and Xiaomi decided to end developing the bloatware on March 23rd this year. This isn’t anticipated, as history shows Xiaomi coming with an update in August-September every year. Well, we assume this rush is caused by competition and fine with it. The below features are the developments made from MIUI 11 and could be showing up in MIUI 12.

Multitasking and Animations

Switching between apps

Recent apps

We should all agree that Xiaomi is lagging behind its peers with respect to animations. They’re old, slow and same as before until MIUI 11. The style in which one can open apps and switch between them changes with MIUI 12, making it more interactive. Below are examples showing the pop-up open style of Gallery, slide switching between dial pad and gallery, picking desired apps from the recent apps list.

New Notification Panel

Notification panel

The notification panel is a savior. This simple draw down menu bar shows all important updates in a sneak peek. But, we should be going to the app directly for more information. Now, Xiaomi’s setting more info of notifications within the panel itself. Check below.

Improved Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Well, there’s nothing much to be improvised in Dark Mode. But the next update is about optimizing it. Making it somewhat shady and applying to all system apps looks more immersive. MIUI 12 has just got that.

New Camera UI

Camera UI

Well, with increasing lens and specifications, Xiaomi is fitting many options in the Camera UI so that the user can pull a perfect shot of his desire. The new design seems light and simple.

After all, all these are leaks. We cannot guarantee that these may show up when the update is officially rolled out. But at least a few could make it.

Source: Web.Vip Forum


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