YouTube is experimenting with a global test of requesting users have ad blockers – during their YouTube stream to either turn off their ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

This request is followed by a warning that they’ll be limited to only three video streams if they don’t turn off the ad blocker. Repeated violations of this rule may even block their account temporarily, says YouTube.

Disable Ad Blocker or Lose Your Account

YouTube is one of the essential products in the Google ecosystem, with the video platform having billions of users worldwide and earning a whopping sum from its parent company every year. Despite all these aspects, Google keeps YouTube free for all, although it inserts ads to offset this offering’s costs.

Well, if you don’t want to see ads, you can always subscribe to its Premium plan, which offers ad-free streaming, live channels, exclusive content and even a dedicated music service. Though YouTube Premium is a worthy subscription, some choose the illegal path of mod apps or using ad blockers to access its content ad-free.

YouTube knew this and kept patient all this while. But now, it’s cracking down with a global experiment – by warning using having ad blockers in their YouTube streams. A Reddit user posted a warning screenshot this week, Where YouTube asks him to turn off the ad blocker or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Else, the “video player will be blocked after three videos,” reads the pop-up notice. The platform reasoned this warning as;

“Ads allow YouTube to stay free for billions of users worldwide. You can go ad-free with YouTube Premium, and creators can still get paid from your subscription.”

And if users don’t comply in repeated cases, YouTube warns to ban their accounts temporarily and is pretty serious about this. This follows another small experiment the platform conducted in May, where it started blocking users directly without notice upon noticing any ad blockers in their stream.