YouTube is upping its game with new features. As posted in the latest blog, YouTube has detailed how it will fight against bots, spam, and abusive language. There’s a new update on letting users know when YouTube also finishes uploading videos at the highest quality. Here’s all about that.

YouTube adds features to fight against spam

According to the latest update, YouTube has fortified its stand against spam detection within the comment section. It has already developed an automated spam detection that removed 1.1 billion spam comments this year in its first half. 

Now, YouTube will use machine learning-based models to detect spammy comments on videos and Livestream and flag them. Apart from that, users can go for ‘Increase Strictness’, which screens comments and flags inappropriate ones for review.

The feature works better than requiring a manual review of all the comments or blocking off comments from the channels altogether.

Users will be warned if YouTube finds some comments that go against their community guidelines. The comments will be removed if found abusive, followed by a 24-hour ban if it continues. 

Apart from that, YouTube is also working on a feature that gives estimates on how soon YouTube will finish uploading a video in different resolutions. Whether it be 1080p, 2160p, or 4320p, creators will get estimates on how soon YouTube will finish the uploads. Currently, the videos upload at SD right away, while 4K resolutions take some time to be uploaded. 

Last but certainly not least is that YouTube has removed the functionality to hide subscribers’ counts. Some legit creators use this feature to hide the subscribers count until they build a considerable following. However, it is often abused by spam and fake accounts that can impersonate a channel landing the original creator in trouble. 

Removing functionality to hide subscribers’ count will give users some context if the channel they are assessing to watch videos is legit. 


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