Finally, after ages, YouTube lets users change their profile pictures and name without altering their Google account. This makes the content creator’s YouTube channel distinct from their Google account and still has formal communication with their actual name. Note that users who changed their name will lose their verified badge and need to reapply.

Flexibility in Editing YouTube Channel

YouTubeFor years, Google made it difficult for users to edit their YouTube channel’s name and profile picture, making it possible through the associated Google account. This stint is now changed, as Google made the creator’s YouTube channel distinct from their respective Google account.

This means any changes made to the YouTube channel won’t reflect in their connected Google account, and vice versa. This lets the content creators continue their formal communication with clients and brands through their formal name on Google account and be relevant on YouTube.

Google brought this flexibility to let content creators use their channel names accordingly and be more relevant. Note here that changing the channel name now will remove the verified badge on your account, so you should reapply for that again. Once you’re ready to do so, here’s how to do it;

How to Change YouTube Channel Name and Profile Picture?

On Desktop

If you’re managing your YouTube channel on desktop, go to the YouTube Studio section and do as below;

  1. To change your name – Go to Customization from the left menu > Basic Info > Edit. Type in the new channel name and hit Publish.
  2. To change your profile picture – Go to Customization > Branding and upload a new image (either from gallery or take new). Adjust it accordingly and click on Done and Publish.

On Mobile

  1. If you’re managing on your mobile, go to Your Channel section by tapping on your profile picture at the top right.
  2. Go to the Edit channel and enter the new name. Tap on OK and Save.


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