YouTube seems finally following TikTok’s niche feature, a short-video recording. YouTube in its support forums has announced a new feature, that would let creators shoot a video for 15-seconds, and upload it. Creators can record in short clips and YouTube joins them for a 15-second worth video, just similar to TikTok!

YouTube Taking TikTok’s Feature?

Tech platforms of similar genre copying their rival’s hit features are common. TikTok was blamed for consuming, Instagram for story features from Snapchat and now, YouTube is taking a pinch from TikTok. As seen from YouTube’s new experiments forum, the American video platform is trailing with a new short-video recording feature, just like TikTok.

YouTube Copies TikTok's Short-Video Recording FeatureIt said, content creators who’re in the beta program, can see a new “Create a Video” option at the Upload flow, which would let them record videos for a maximum of 15-seconds. Similar to TikTok, users can tap and hold or tap and leave to start the recording and again tap to stop it. They can do this until they achieve a 15-second long video. YouTube didn’t say anything about other features as AR filters, playback speeds, stickers, or music supporting the video.

It will be available for Android and iOS YouTube clients and is asking for feedback from those who are trying. May soon this be replacing TikTok if the Chinese app receives more criticism. As of now, many nations including India has declared abandoning few Chinese apps, citing security reasons. TikTok too has received a lot of backlash for receiving quick popularity and also having some cringe content.

Yet, it’s gaining popularity among developing countries. YouTube has long back declared TikTok’s fame isn’t bothering them at all, but now scooping some features tells otherwise. Well, we shall see what YouTube can achieve with this feat.

Via: YouTube


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