Similar to Twitch emotes, YouTube is rolling out a bunch of new emotes to be used on its platform. The new pack can be found in the emoji picker section.

Though all of them are based on a gaming nature, YouTube says they can be used across any content on its platform. Further, it pledged to add more emotes in the near future, which can be used in all the categories.

YouTube Emotes for Gaming

Following the path led by Twitch, YouTube has added a new emote pack to be used across its platform. These are custom-made similar to that Twitch emotes and are dubbed as YouTube Emotes.

While most of them are based on a gaming nature, YouTube says they can be used in any category across its platform. Users can find YouTube Emotes in the emoji picker section, and they can be used in regular video comments or in a live chat.

YouTube promised to add more of these emotes that are suitable for other categories soon. And much like Twitch’s default system-wide emotes, YouTube Emotes can be found using the autocomplete function. For example, typing a “:cat-orange-whistling:” in the search box of the emoji picker will surface the orange cat whistling emote.

Surprisingly, YouTube missed some of the popular emotes like LUL Twitch and Pogchamp emotes, but have game over, GG, and the buffering ones, though. Well, YouTube said;

“We’re starting with emotes created for Gaming but are working on bringing even more themes of emotes in the future, so stay tuned for emotes for even more communities!”.

These initial emotes are made by Abelle Hayford, Guy Field, and Yujin Won. So we assume YouTube will hire more independent artists to focus on new packs coming in the future.


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