As teased last year, YouTube is rolling out the ‘Go Live Together’ feature to all on its platform, starting today.

Anyone with over 50 subscribers can start a co-hosting live stream, where they can invite another YouTube user to appear in their video. Well, this is available only on YouTube Android and iOS apps, whereas the desktop version is only limited to scheduling. Streamers can also earn money from ads appearing at times in their video.

Co-Hosting on YouTube Live

Heating up the competition in the streaming space, YouTube announced rolling out the “Go Live Together” feature today. This is available for anyone with over 50 subscribers: where they can start a co-hosting live stream almost immediately.

If you’re interested, hit this space right away in the “Create” section with the name “Go Live Together.” You’ll be asked to enter the stream details, select “Invite a co-streamer,” and send an invite link to the co-streamer. They’ll then be sent a link to come and be in the virtual waiting room until you click “Go Live.

Well, this feature is currently available only on YouTube Android and iOS clients for both guests and the host. Though you can schedule a Stream on a YouTube desktop, you’ll be asked to go live only on the connected mobile app.

Further, you can bring only one guest to the stream at a time – but you can rotate more by replacing them one by one! While there’s no limit on the number of followers for guests, the host will be held responsible for any violations made by the guests in their stream.

Well, this can be rewarding too – as YouTube said, hosts, can earn revenue for ads appearing in pre-, mid-, and post-roll form. What do you think of this? Tell us below.


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