For a long, the YouTube community has been asking support for sharing their favorite songs on Instagram Stories to let their followers know their tastes and sense.

Understanding it, YouTube Music is now adding this support in the latest update to its Android app. This has been been on Snapchat for a while, letting users share their YouTube Music on Snapchat Stories – letting their followers listen with one tap easily.

YouTube Music on Instagram Stories

Differentiating the audio streaming community from the video ones, YouTube was fairly successful with its Music app plans – and making people pay for it now. YouTube Music, as they call it, has been under constant development since its launch – attracting new people from other platforms.

One of the latest additions we saw us the enhancement of UI for larger media buttons, a themed look to match the album cover art, and adding seasonal music recaps on its Android app to let users enjoy the best music of each season.

And now, YouTube Music is adding support for the ability to share songs on Instagram Stories! This was spotted by 9to5Google, who saw the latest version of the YouTube Music Android app (5.23.50), letting users share their favorite music to Instagram Stories.

Though some previous versions of YouTube Music had this share button, it wasn’t functional. Tapping on the button would crash the app, angering the community. This is now fixed to show the Instagram app, so you can share the music on its Stories.

The same support has been available for Snapchat for quite a time, letting their followers hear the music with just a tap – right from the Stories. Sharing your music onto Stories of third-party apps (like Instagram or Snapchat) will have the song name, album name, artist, and cover art shared.


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