To let kids listen to their favorite songs safely, YouTube is now extending the “supervised experiences” to YouTube Music.

This is the same feature available on YouTube for over a year, and lets parents curate the content their child watches. While this is available only to YouTube videos till now, it’s said to be coming for the Music app too. Parents here can control the type of music their kids hear, and also report if they find anything objectionable.

Supervised Experiences to YouTube Music

YouTube Music Gets 'Supervised Experiences' Support

YouTube is a place of all kinds. We have content exciting to exotic and further. While it’s bearable to most adults, it’s deemed unsafe for kids. And it’s reasonable, as immature beings consuming unwanted content that may harm them isn’t good after all.

That’s why, YouTube launched YouTube Kids in 2015, a curated version of general YouTube that has only the content suitable for kids. So far, it’s being suggested by many parents to their kids in case they’re eager and is working just fine. But, there’s another offering from YouTube that the teens and kids are craving for – YouTube Music.

Unfortunately, YouTube Music has no such parental controls to curate specific content for their kids. But this is going to now, as YouTube announced rolling out ‘Supervised Experiences’ support for YouTube Music too. Launched initially a year ago for general YouTube, Supervised Experiences will help parents curate content for kids.

After being available to YouTube videos, it’s now coming to its Music section. This will let supervised accounts sign in and watch YouTube videos on your TV, including their favorite music from desired artists, tracks, albums, and playlists.

While it’s good, YouTube feels it may make some mistake anyhow, somewhere, so it’s asking parents to report any objectionable content they found for review. This support will be rolling to YouTube Music in the next few weeks, so keep your app updated to check the feature when available.


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