To lure more podcasters into its platform, YouTube is now offerings creators grants upto $50,000 for individual shows and upto $300,000 to podcast networks!

This is to make videos of their entire podcast session and release them on the YouTube podcast section. The money can be used for making other kinds of videos too or producing filmed versions of their episodes. With this step, YouTube is trying to compete with podcasting giants like Apple and Spotify.

Growing YouTube Podcast

Even though there are numerous online videos of direct interviews and discussions of interesting people and topics, the audio-only stream – Podcasts – hasn’t turned out old yet. And platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, and Amazon Music are attracting millions of listeners every month.

This led Google to jump in too, in this industry. Though it has a dedicated Podcasts app, the company is aggressively trying to increase its podcast content on YouTube. And this by offering hefty grants to eligible podcasters, who’re interested in sharing their content on YouTube.

As per Bloomberg, people familiar with the YouTube plans regarding podcasts said, the company is planning to offer $50,000 to podcasters with individual shows, and upto $300,000 to podcast networks. Well, the company isn’t asking for exclusive content, but trying to lure them onto YouTube somehow.

The report further said the money could be used for making other kinds of videos or creating filmed versions of their episodes. YouTube is said to be specifically asking podcasters to create video versions of their shows, which could be more interactive than just the audio versions.

The platform’s foray into podcasts is hinted in various occasions. One among them is appointing the longtime executive Kai Chuk as the head of YouTube’s podcasting wing. And the other include the platform waiving off the charges in using a premium feature – running music in the background.


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