YouTube is found trailing with a new feature that would translate the video’s title, description, and captions to users’ native language with one click. This is spotted by Android Police, who says only a few users can see this, and may soon everyone get it. As of now, it only supports translation from English to Portuguese.

YouTube New Translation Feature

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for entertainment. As most of the content is regional, non-native users may often find it difficult to understand the available content in other languages. Thus, YouTube is making a tool that can translate the title, description, and captions of a video and be more understandable.

YouTube Can Soon Translate Video Titles, Descriptions and Captions
(Image: Android Police)

This translation tool is available for only a few users to try and roll out to everyone once fully ready. Also, it only supports translation from English to Portuguese as of now and soon be available in other languages. As Android Police reported, this feature will be available for both web and mobile clients and will appear as a popup once you open the video.

Clicking ok on the pop-up will translate all the eligible stuff like captions, titles, and descriptions. Also, it would translate the other elements like the Like, Subscribe buttons to the native language. This should make the navigation easier and faster. Apart from this, the platform has introduced support Shorts earlier and made it easier for YouTubers to update their profile icons easily.

Also, it’s trailing with the Clips feature and hiding the dislike button. It’s said the currently trailing translation support leverages the Google Translator, which has a dedicated app and web version for translating several languages. It seems to be a server-side update, so you may not be seen it even after updating the app. So wait until it’s officially rolled out.


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