Kerry Culpepper, a lawyer through his company named 42 Ventures, has filed a lawsuit against YTS clone sites, as they’re infringing their trademark rights! Kerry represents many popular Hollywood moviemakers and has a track record of tuning copyright infringers to pay his settlement demands, to not to go after them. He did the same with Popcorn Time previously and seems to do the same with YTS again, as he didn’t mention the actual, and popular YTS domain in his lawsuit.

A New Game?

Slashing copyright infringers like pirates sites with lawsuits in common, and sometimes useless. This led many of those copyright holders to settle with infringers unofficially for a price or kind. And Kerry Culpepper is one such person. He represents many Hollywood cinema makers like Millennium Films, Voltage Films, etc. He has filed a case against several YTS clone sites through his Hawaiian company called 42 Ventures. Settles a Lawsuit For $1.05 Million and Still Remains Online

42 Ventures were established last year, and has registered the trademark for the title “YTS”. Thus, he now sues all those YTS sites with a trademark infringement lawsuit. It’s typical, as a lawyer obtaining a trademark that’s infamous for hosting pirate content.

But, Kerry has a different plan. He’s one of a kind lawyer who goes after infringers to settle unofficially, to back off from his filings. He has done this before with, which is another popular site for watching copyrighted content.

Excluding the Actual One

In this case, Kerry mentioned,,,,,,, and as trademark infringers, but left the actual site, This was popular, and the original site of YTS, and Kerry have seemed to exclude it intentionally! And why? To settle unofficially! He claims the defendants to be residing in India, Russia, China, and Serbia. Kerry demands claims up to $2 million from all these infringers.

It’s interesting to see how Kerry mends them along. He has previously tried to settle with Popcorn Time for a sum of $4,900 in Bitcoin and shall let have their Twitter account stay live. Now he’s after YTS for the same reason probably. Read his full lawsuit here.

Via: TorrentFreak


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