Copyright owners have found a new way of satisfying themselves with pirate sites. As online pirate content sites are turning inevitable, original content owners are settling with penalties rather than completely shutting down the service.

A group of movie companies has just done that. Hailing from Hawaii, affiliate movie companies to Millennium Media have filed a lawsuit against the popular torrent site, The group settled with YTS for damaged payments of $1.05 million and the removal of their movie links from the site. Settles a Lawsuit For $1.05 Million and Still Remains Online Settles a Lawsuit For $1.05 Million and Still Remains Online

A cash settlement and removal of links, you’re done!

Aggrieved by copyright infringement, movie companies from Hunter Killer Productions Inc., Bodyguard Productions Inc., Venice PI LLC, TBV Productions LLC, UN4 Productions Inc., Millennium Funding Inc., and MON LLC have filed a lawsuit against YTS, popular hosting platform for the pirate site.

They tend to settle the illegal act of YTS with some cash for a damage claim, rather than shutting down the entire service. This is unbelievable, as any aggrieved copyright owner would ultimately wish for pulling down the service, rather than claiming damages. But in here, the group of seven companies from Hawaii has agreed with YTS operators for a settlement of $150,000 each. This totals to $1,050,000.

Further, YTS was also asked to remove the torrent links of those movies belonging to aggrieved movie companies and assure those links wouldn’t pop up again in the future. Interestingly, YTS settled for this! The operators of YTS were named as Senthil Vijay Segaran and a company called Techmodo in the consent judgment, who agreed to pull down asked links and pay the requisite amount. YTS was decided to function as usual after this.

Well, that’s not all. The petitioners are also coming after YTS users who browsed/downloaded the infringed content. The list includes some from the YTS database and few who used VPN too. It seems the aggrieved parties are craving for something more than just a cash settlement. Read this settlement’s copy of the consent judgment here.

Via: TorrentFreak


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