The well-being trend is more popular than ever: regular sports, check-ups, healing hotels, and working with a psychologist. It’s great that self-care has become a part of our daily lives.

We have selected the best health-related apps to make it convenient and interesting to monitor your condition and maintain your body tone.

Pollen Club

Allergy to pollen is the most unpleasant thing that affects a lot of people. If you are one of the allergy sufferers, then this is literally an indispensable application for you.

With it, you can track plant blooms and the number of allergens by region and season.

Keep a diary of symptoms and medications, compare your well-being and the well-being of other users, and plan your day according to your allergy situation. This information can be used on lisproject service for conducting various studies and statistics.

For example, what is the number of people with pollen allergies with an income of $80,000 a year and the like. This helps scientists and researchers collate information for the benefit of all.

Download: iOS


A diary application in which you can record your emotional background, set and mark goals, keep a journal of habits, attach photos of the day and mark important dates.

Using this application is very simple and even fun but at the same time, useful.

By noting your mood and activity level each day, you’ll create a schedule. This will help you understand how often you are in a bad mood and whether you need professional help.

Download: iOS / Android


We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to force ourselves to go for a walk. Maintaining your activity level is especially important if you work in an office and don’t move much. But there is a solution—challenges!

Can’t motivate yourself to walk 10,000 steps a day? A competitive spirit will help with this!

Install the application and earn points for every thousand steps. Join weekly and monthly challenges, compete with friends, and win cool gifts, such as fitness bracelets, sports and beauty accessories, and tickets to interesting events.

Download: iOS / Android


An interactive habit tracker that will help you get rid of addictions and reinforce useful practices. Forming new habits and getting rid of old ones is a difficult process that requires time, effort and motivation. Avocation makes this easier.

The concept is to take small steps every day toward a big goal. Create your habits and choose a time to perform them.

And if it’s difficult to remember everything at once, just set reminders. The more often you track your progress in the app and the more habits you complete, the faster your avocado tree grows.

Download: Android


A meditation app that helps you monitor your emotional background and mental state. The principle of operation is simple: you select a practice for a specific purpose (focusing, sound sleep, relaxation after a working day) and the application gives you the most suitable soundtrack for meditation.

The developers also offer to track the quality and time of your sleep directly in the application.

In addition, you can use the “Focus” section in it: set a timer for work, and turn on meditative sounds of nature in the background. If you have problems sleeping or concentrating, this is a good tool.

Download: iOS / Android

Water Meter

A dull headache, poor sleep, and low blood pressure are all symptoms of dehydration. It is very important to maintain a water-salt balance and drink water throughout the day.

Sometimes, we can forget about this or replace water with tea, coffee, and juices, which are not so effective in combating dehydration.

To make it easier to control your water consumption, you can download Water Meter. Based on your parameters, the application will calculate the required amount of water and send a notification when it’s time to drink.

Download: iOS


We are what we eat. However, purchasing products that meet the rules of a healthy diet can be very difficult. Either the composition is written in an unreadable font, or the ingredients are encrypted with a scientific name. In short, constantly reading ingredients can make your grocery shopping trip much longer.

With Fooducate, you can not only decipher the composition but also understand which ingredients do not meet your nutritional rules.

Point the camera at the barcode of the product, and the application highlights the sugars and trans fats in the product. In addition, the application will help you choose a healthier alternative to the product, and instead of yogurt with additives, it will offer a natural option.

Download: iOS / Android

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep greatly affects the quality of our health. During sleep, the body’s functioning normalizes, stress levels decrease and our lives improve.

The service has a “smart alarm clock” function. To do this, use the app to set the time period at which you need to wake up and place your phone next to your bed. The application will track your behavior, monitor your sleep phases and wake you up at the right time to easily awaken your body. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock also reports on your sleep.

Download: iOS / Android


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