8maple.ru, a famous piracy content site from Taiwan which attracts over 35 million users a month, was no shut. This was after the Japanese MPA-ACE joined with local police and a TV network, had traced down and arrested the two operators behind 8maple.ru. Chen Su and Zhuang Su were operating this piracy site under a fake advertising company and had earned over $33+ million since it’s inception. All the equipment, liquid cash, and properties of both were seized now.

Seizure notice of 8maple.ru
Seizure notice of 8maple.ru

From Graduation to Operation

Skill combined with unethical mind and greed for money will let people do miracles. This was a story of two skilled people in computer science, who were in their early thirties and graduated from the Northern National Taiwanese University. They together studied Computer Science and Engineering and started this 8maple.ru site in 2014, as an advertising company initially.

Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the Asia-Pacific division of the Motion Picture Association has joined Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), and local TV network called Sanli TV in finding these both operators. After tracing them, the Criminal Investigation Bureau in association with the Telecommunications Investigation Corps arrested Chen and Zhuang.

The authorities have seized all electronics like computers and mobile phones, along with liquid cash of nearly $2 million from each others bank account and two luxury properties worth half a million dollars each.

Seized electronics
Seized electronics

8maple.ru is so popular in it’s space, more specifically in the Asian region. The site maintains the content from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, European, Korean, Taiwanese and American dramas and movies. For this, it maintains servers in Ukraine, US, Romania, Canada, France etc by paying a monthly rent of 300,000 Yuan. Users were asked to click on ads before viewing the content, thus generating them revenue. The makers are told be making over $133,000 a month from the site.

Via: TorrentFreak | LTN News


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