In the era of technology, it is no longer necessary to resort to the help of a personal trainer. You can find a workout program in the gym, tips for jogging, or yoga practice in special applications. Readers talked about the services they use themselves, and we have collected their recommendations in this material.

Strava: best app for running

Price: 11.99$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

Download: iOS / Android

Strava is one of the best apps for runners, cyclists and other outdoor sports. It allows you to track distance, speed, time, and calories and provides segments for comparison with other users. It would be nice if you could look for people with whom you could go jogging, for example, you can do this with very few pages. But what is veripages? It’s a people search engine that helps you to find someone based on his name, surname, address etc. For example, if developers embed this service in Strava, this will be a great addition.

Down Dog: Yoga Classes for Different Levels

Price: from 7.99 $⁣ per month or 49.99 $⁣ per year

Download: iOS / Android

I really like DownDog – primarily because you can customize the type of workout, add emphasis, for example, on the abdominal or back muscles, and even change the duration of Shavasana. The technique is explained in great detail. It 

Pumatrac: home workouts without equipment

Price: free

Download: iOS / Android

For home workouts, I really like the Pumatrac. It offers a variety of workouts—from simple and short to complex and long. No additional equipment is needed; just a mat is enough. The application works with Apple Health and records time and calories burned. There are also running workouts, challenges, and a section with an online community, but I don’t use all of this, so I can’t evaluate it.

Points are awarded for activity, which are converted into loyalty program bonuses; they can be spent in official stores. True, they no longer exist in Russia, but I don’t know how it works in other countries.

Seven: short classes of 7 minutes

Price: free

Download: iOS / Android

John Rumbler says: “I use the Seven app when I’m too lazy or don’t have much time to study. Short workouts are suitable for hourly warm-ups during sedentary work, so as not to become completely covered in moss. The free version is enough for me.”

“NaSport”: running training and a community of like-minded people

Price: free

Download: iOS / Android

Bobby Williams commented: “I like the NaSporte app. There is a tracker for running and other activities, and you can also create events with friends and agree directly in the application about joint training for different sports, such as playing football or basketball. There are also ready-made workouts to prepare for races at starting distances.”

“Your Trainer”: programs for the gym from a professional trainer

Price: free

Download: iOS / Android

For gym training, I use the “Your Trainer” application. There are many programs, and you can customize the training plan according to the necessary parameters: indicate the number of classes per week, goals—weight loss or weight gain—restrictions, and more.

Each exercise has a video explaining the technique. In the comments to the training, you can ask a question, and the application’s creator —a professional trainer—will answer. The design is heartbreaking, but over time, you get used to the visuals and navigation. Another downside is that it doesn’t connect with the Apple Health app.

You can order an individual training or diet plan, but the application itself exists on donations. Sometimes I throw in 5$ as support if I’m in the mood.

Fitness: lots of workouts and podcasts from experts

Price: from 2.99$ per month or 14.99$ per year

Download: iOS

I use a subscription to the Apple Fitness+ service in the Fitness application. I like everything. New workouts are added daily, one might say. I mainly do strength training, core training, and cooling down after training—this is a separate category in the application. I also tried HIIT and yoga with meditation.

Each section has a large selection of workouts, both in time—from 10 to 40 minutes—and in the trainers who conduct them. You can also set up a personal training plan, indicating the desired duration of training and types of load. There is access to podcasts about running or walking. I pay $2.99 per month, but if you pay for a year at once, it will be more profitable—$14.99.

In general, I recommend trying a free month – there is such an option.

Aaptiv: audio training right on your phone

Price: 14.99$ per month, or 99.99$ per year.

Download: iOS / Android

Aaptiv is an audio workout app that lets you do fitness without having to look at your smartphone screen. It offers a variety of workouts, including running, yoga, and strength training, as well as workout plans specifically designed for different goals.

MyFitnessPal: eat and lose weight

Price: free. But you can buy a premium subscription for 9.99$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

Download: iOS / Android

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular nutrition and fitness tracking apps. It helps you monitor your food intake and calculate your calorie intake based on your weight loss, gain, or maintenance goals. It also offers hundreds of workouts for different fitness levels.

Choosing the right health and fitness app depends on your individual needs and preferences. This list features a variety of apps that can help you improve your fitness, diet, sleep, and stress levels. Use these apps to make your journey to a healthy lifestyle more effective and enjoyable.


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