Usage of AI for deepfakes in recent times resulted in serious criticism among the internet community. While there are many possibilities with AI, here’s a YouTuber who used it for upscaling the short video from 1896 to 4K (60 FPS) quality! His work is a combination of AI with several neural networks and resulted in the two-hundred-year-old video as of today’s smartphone-shot footage.

The Magical AI!

A YouTuber cum developer going by the name Denis Shiryaev has shared his amazing work on Reddit this week. The video he used was a French short documentary – L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat. This short video was of a train approaching Ciotat Station and people readying themselves to hop in.

A YouTuber Turned an 1896 Video into 4K (60 FPS) Video with AI
Image via Flickr

Lack of motion picture at that time made this video typical and infamous among viewers, where it was seen as a real train coming towards them. But this YouTuber’s work of upscaling is something cool. AI functionality in video modification has many possibilities. Denis didn’t reveal much about how he actually did it. While he claims to be using several neural networks, it’s unclear which variants specifically. While assumes it to be Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), the same tech enabling Nvidia’s FaceGAN.

While tuning this, Denis may have used relevant audio effects to make this more realistic. This resulted in the video of two hundred old videos into a cool 4K (60 FPS) version video! Reddit community has responded with several appreciation and theories of how he did it, which are worth reading.


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