If we talk about project management and cloud collaboration tools, then Airtable is one of the top names on the list. However, its high pricing is one factor that turns off a lot of users. Airtable allows you to seamlessly track the progress of tasks assigned to the team members, control the workflow and check the workload. Then it also supports third-party integrations that make it easy to use. 

But the moment you bring pricing into play, everything falls apart. If we talk about the annual plan, it is easily around USD 10 per user, so even when you have a small team, it could add up to a lot. 

So if you are a small startup or just a small company, using Airtable just for collaboration is not optimum. That is why, in this guide, you will find the list of the best Airtable alternatives.

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List of Best Airtable Alternatives in 2023

1. Notion

NotionThe cloud collaboration platform was already popular, but it has become more popular with its features. Around a couple of years ago, Notion announced that it would make the platform free for individual users. The notion is easily one of the best Airtable alternatives in the market right now. 

If you are looking for an alternative for Airtable, Notion is the place to start. With this tool, you can easily maintain all of your spreadsheets, add team members, share documents, and integrate it with third-party tools. It is free for individuals and the Pro plan starts around USD 4 per month, which is quite affordable.

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2. Zenkit

ZenkitIf you want some insights into your workflow, Zenkit is a perfect tool that you should try out. It is similar to Airtable in terms of project management. However, it does has some cool features. You can use the tool to create customized tasks using various templates, including task reminders, multiple data views, etc. 

There are many ways to view your project in Zenkit, including Calendar View, Kanban View, List View, Wiki View, etc. Then there is also support for Gangs Chart, which you do not get with Airtable.  

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3. Asana


Asana is another wildly popular project management and collaboration platform, just like Airtable. It is one of the best Airtable alternatives on the list. If you have a big team and want to manage everything smoothly, then Asana is the platform you should be trying. 

You can view in List, Board, Timeline, Calendar, Progress, Workload, etc., using Asana. One of the best features of Asana is that it does not charge for extra data storage. Then you can also integrate third-party apps with it. 

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4. ClickUp

ClickUpNext on the list is ClickUp and it is a no-code project management tool that is handy. You can easily create projects, track progress and collaborate with team members using this tool. Some of the key features of this platform include resource management, real-time reporting, goals reminder, etc. 

ClickUp also supports relational databases and allows you integration with over 100 third-party tools. With real-time reporting, API support, and a relational database, this is a good tool for project management.  

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5. Trello


Trello is one of the best project management and cloud collaboration tools for small teams. If you have a small team, you can easily track all the progress of your projects with Trello. Although Airtable does have a Kanban view, it doesn’t match the Kanban view of Trello. 

This tool is also great for anyone new to project management, as it is just super easy to use. The user interface is great and the onboarding process is smooth as well. 

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6. Coda

CodaIf simplicity is your thing, then Coda will be an excellent tool for you. It has a no-code implementation for its projects, docs, and spreadsheets. The Lookup feature on this tool allows you to connect tables and view data from different sources easily. 

There are a lot of templates for you to choose from and if we talk about the pricing of Coda, it is also more cost-effective than Airtable. 

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7. SeaTable

SeaTableFor users who want a self-hosted project management solution, SeaTable will be a good choice. The great thing about SeaTable is that it works as a cloud solution. It also supports over 100+ plugins. Overall, it is much more powerful than AirTable in its implementation. 

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8. Baserow

BaserowBaserow is one of the best open-source Airtable alternatives and if you want a cheap and affordable solution, then this is the platform you should be looking for. Being open-source gives you the freedom to move from one server to another. 

The UI of Baserow is quite similar to Airtable and you will love it. The tool is also quite fast and flexible because you host it on your server. This makes It a smooth transition process from Airtable to Baserow. 

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