As the COVID-19 caused lockdowns pushed many low-level workers to go unemployed, online-course platforms are aiding with their part of contributions. Just like Coursera and Harvard helped by providing free courses, Alteryx, a data science, and analytics company is now offering free courses for unemployed or freshly graduated students to upskill and earn better jobs.

Alteryx Contribution to Unemployed

Alteryx Offers Free Data Science Courses For New Graduate Students
Alteryx Offers Free Data Science Courses For New Graduate Students

This pandemic’s effect on the economy has been so critical that, dependency on the internet and technology resources has risen astronomically. Further, many physical labors like low-level workers and mediocre skilled employees have lost their jobs in the company’s actions to save themselves. While this resulted in hardships for many unemployed, they’re still having plenty of opportunities to learn new things and apply for better jobs.

After Harvard University and Coursera offering some free online courses on various platforms, Alteryx is helping people with three free data science and analytics courses to upskill them. For this, you should be registering on their website with full name, the highest level of education, previous job and position, and email address. Alteryx will be examining the application and will allow only if you’re eligible.

Well, it said those who lost jobs amidst this pandemic are all eligible to apply. Further, data science aspirants too can enroll. Thus, everyone. It would take generally 4-6 business days to review the application and process. If approved, you will get an email from Alteryx detailing the next process. Under this program named ADAPT, you’ll be accessing three courses as
Intro to ADAPT/Data, Data Fundamentals and Core Certification, and Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree.

Aside, you’ll be given access to Alteryx’s Designer software, it’s a community of thousands of experts and support. Alteryx says one can complete the course within a month if dedicated full-time. If not, assigning one-hour a day would drag it for three months. Alteryx would give the license for 90-days for its 120+ hours course, so it’s okay to learn within the stipulated time. You’ll be getting a certificate at the end of the program too, which is useful for applying eve ln higher jobs.

Enroll here: Alteryx


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