Harvard University is now directly allowing the public to take any course of their like from its list of 70+ free online courses. Any certificate from Harvard will be cool, if not great. Being a part of the Ivy League, Harvard’s reputation will be added to your resume if you add any of the works from there. So here’s your choice.

The grand institution has a catalog of various subjects, which are being offered for free to learn. So those who’re interested in making their quarantine productive, enroll in any of the courses you like and learn.

Harvard University Offers Free Online Courses To Learn During Lockdown
Harvard University Offers Free Online Courses To Learn During Lockdown

Various categories like Education and Teaching, Computer Science, Business, Social Sciences, Art and Design, Humanities, Programming, Science, Data Science, Mathematics and, Health and Medicine. Simple courses like public speaking, learning about various religions and cultures, basic psychology would be fun even. There’s even a course for understanding and preparing mechanical ventilators for COVID-19!

Steps to Get Free Online Courses From Harvard University:-

  1. Visit the website and choose the course you’re interested in. You can filter the catalog by applying filters as per the subject.
  2. Upon finding a course, click on it, and you’ll be seeing a button as Take Course (on edX). Clicking on it, you’ll be directed to the edX website for registering an account.
  3. You can create an account by providing basic details like an email address and a password. If not, sign-up with an existing Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account.
  4. Upon successful registration, you’ll be shown the course page, having details about what you’ll be learning and the curriculum. Click on Enroll to enter.

Note: While you can enroll in the course for free, you have to upgrade the course with a certain fee in case you wanted to get a verified certificate. The course videos will be an available lifetime to be accessible at your pace. So, why not try now?

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