Huawei has been in turmoil since Trump Administration’s ban on the company. Started off as a small jiggle way back in 2018 has now evolved as a full issue. This affected Huawei a lot. In January 2019, Huawei lost the support from AT&T and within few months, Trump has levied a full-fledged ban on the company.

National Security Order is the Main Reason For This Mishap

Android’s Absence in Mobiles is Going To Create Big Problem For Huawei
Android’s Absence in Mobiles is Going To Create Big Problem For Huawei

The main reason behind Trump banning Huawei was security issues. The Trump administration has feared that Huawei may cause some serious security threats for the nation. The main issue was with Huawei’s 5G equipment. It has been rumoured that the company is using the devices for spying. But later the ban has spread to Huawei mobiles and laptops too.

All the major companies from the US have already taken their support back from Huawei and this includes Google too. Huawei mobile phone was based on Android OS for now. But any further mobiles launched from the company won’t receive that support. Huawei users across the world are very worried about this Google Android issue.

While the security patches and other updates from Google isn’t a big issue, detaching the Huawei company from accessing play store is definitely something that one has to look in for sure.

While the company is already working on their new OS, Hongmeng which will be replacing Android, the support from Google is something that Huawei devices need. From Google Chrome to YouTube, every major app cannot be accessed on all the Huawei phones now.

This situation isn’t going to impact the company in China as the country has already banned Google products, European and other markets across the world are going to be impacted negatively due to Google Android’s absence.


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