On Thursday, the elite hacking group – Anonymous announced it had hit Russia’s Central Bank and will soon leak the data breached in it.

This includes over 35,000 files containing secret agreements, said Anonymous. Although it didn’t provide any evidence of the breach, it was said to be released in the next two days. The group has earlier hit hundreds of Russian and Belarusian government entities.

Anonymous Hacking Russia Central Bank

Ever since the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, the government and commercial entities of either side are guarding themselves against potential cyberattacks. And this is needed since cyber intrusions form a major part of modern warfare.

We’ve seen Russian state-backed hacking groups (APTs) targeting Ukrainian government entities initially and being exposed by the threat intelligence community. And even Ukraine too, openly asking hackers and even others with not many technical skills to support somehow.

This resulted in Anonymous, the infamous hacktivist group joining the bandwagon to help Ukraine in this fight. Earlier, the gang has hit Russian nuclear energy companies, television stations, websites, state radio, and even printers.

Overall, it claimed to have breached over 2,500 attacks on Russian & Belarusian govt, state media outlets, banks, hospitals, airports, and corporates. And now, a Twitter account representing the hacking group claims to have hit the Russian Central Bank.

Though it didn’t state any proof of claim, the account further said releasing about 35,000 files in 48 hours, which may contain “secret agreements.” While we await the leak, Anonymous earlier stated, targeting the businesses that haven’t pulled out yet from Russia.

In this course, the group hit Nestle recently; even though the company has suspended all capital investment in Russia, but continued to operate for selling essential goods.


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