Microsoft is seen pinning ads in File Explorer of Windows 11’s latest build, pushing its own apps in promotions. This has been shared by an Insider MVP and is not in the regular Dev channel yet.

As per the report, the Windows maker is seen promoting Microsoft Editor in the File Explorer, specifically when the user is in the Documents folder. Further, there are other reports asking users to view PowerPoint templates on

Microsoft Ads in Windows 11

Microsoft has already been accused of its irritating promotions of Edge browser, where it forced millions of Windows users to try it against their will. And now, the company is seen pushing other apps of its own in Windows 11, in various sections.

As per a screenshot shared by Florian B, a Windows Insider MVP, the Windows Insider build 22572 of the Dev channel has an ad promoting Microsoft Editor in the File Explorer section. More specifically, this banner was placed right at the top, when the user is in the Documents folder, making it relevant at least.

Microsoft Editor is a proofreading and grammar correction tool, similar to Grammarly. When activated, it will mention and suggest corrections for the improper words and sentences. And it’s applicable everywhere like the MS Word, Search fields, and most chatting apps.

Besides this, another user replied in Florian B’s tweet that he received a message inviting him to see PowerPoint templates on Also, if you’re using an Outlook email in the Windows 11 default e-mail client, you’ll see an ad recommending you to install the Outlook Android app for senseless access on both devices.

While we’re yet to see them in the general builds of the Dev channel yet, Microsoft doing all such things will only increase hate from the community. After all, both Windows and Office apps are commercial, and promoting apps within them isn’t acceptable.


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