Apple has been struggling to protect its Appstore payment policies, as many companies and governments are forcing the iPhone maker to ease rules for developers.

In this regard, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service has ruled in August that Apple should allow developers to specify their alternate payment option within the store, to which Apple is reluctant. The company is now challenging the ruling in court.

Apple Protecting Its Appstore

Apple is predominantly known for its hardware line-up – iPhone, iPads, MacBooks, etc. While it still loads its distinctive OS in all of them, the company earns more from its hardware sales than the software counterpart.

But, the software sales shouldn’t be underestimated though. Revenues from Appstore and games are rising constantly, with Apple seeing more future in them eventually. Appstore especially earns a 15-30% cut from all the financial transactions made through it.

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Thus, Apple is doing everything to protect it, even though it seemed unfair. The company’s policies were challenged by firms like Epic Games, Spotify, etc for years, but Apple remains reluctant. The Russian government too tried compelling Apple to tune its Appstore policies.

In August this year, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service has ruled that Apple should let app developers in Appstore display their desired third-party payment option for the users, and give the company time until the end of September to comply.

Apple didn’t do so, even though it could be penalized. Instead, the company is now challenging the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s ruling in a court, asking for a judicial review of that decision.

Apple argues that it would detriment the experience of users, and decrease its revenues. If developers are given a choice to set their own payment options within the Appstore or apps, that may expose users to unwanted viruses if they’re directed towards malicious links.


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