Apple released a statement on the concerns of developers, who’re complaining about the recent App Improvement Notice they’re receiving.

Citing that, Apple clarified that it will remove the apps that fail to reach the download threshold, and have not received any update in years. Saying that for maintaining the App Store quality, Apple gave the developers a 90-day time to make changes accordingly.

Delisting Unpopular Apps From App Store

Since last week, app developers of the App Store are facing the heat of Apple with its App Improvement Notice, where they’re threatened with delisting their outdated apps from the store. Apple has given them a 30-day period to push an update to keep the app latest, and relevant to App Store policies.

This has been condemned by many developers, especially indie developers who may fail to work in time. And now, the company extended this statement to remove the apps that don’t receive enough downloads too!

Apple clarified that it will remove the outdated apps (that haven’t received any update in the last three years) and apps that have failed to meet the minimal download threshold (apps that didn’t receive any downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12 month period).

This angered even more developers, who are sharing their concerns online on various social media platforms. Apple said it’s implementing the App Improvement Notice since 2016 and had removed nearly 2.8 million apps as part of this process, to date.

Saying that this policy is to support their latest innovations in security and privacy, Apple said it’s giving a time of 90 days to those who received the notice of their app’s removal, to push an update and keep it aligned with the App Store terms. Also, it allows developers to can appeal app removals if they think Apple has made a mistake.


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