In order to soothe the unionizing employees, Apple is reportedly introducing flexible work schedules and other perks for store workers across the US.

Some of these include increasing the hours between shift gaps and making employees work after 8 pm only three days a week. Further, Apple may not ask employees to work consecutively for 5 days in a row, except during product launch holidays. All of these will be rolling to workers in the coming months.

Calming Potential Worker Unionisation

With the rise of living costs across the US, the Apple store workers started demanding the company a better pay and working conditions to continue working. As some of the workers even started forming a union, Apple is preparing a new set of rules to make their work flexible.

As Bloomberg reported citing a source, Apple is planning to increase the hours between shifts from 10 to 12 hours, and let employees work only three days a week after 8 PM shifts. More changes include loosening the continuous 5-day work week, except during holidays and product launches.

Also, full-time employees will be eligible for a dedicated weekend holiday every six months. All these flexibilities are said to be rolling out to store workers later this year, but Bloomberg’s sources said they could be implemented in the next coming weeks.

Apple has already surrendered in several ways, with some including increasing the per-hour wage for store workers, doubling the paid sick days, increasing vacation days, and expanding the backup child care.

May these policies have soothed some workers, as at least one of the potential unionization was reportedly stopped after Apple’s announcements. Although, the fight is still far away from settling, as more and more workers are seeking the help of union bodies to form their own unions.


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