Excited to experience the new haptic keyboard in iOS 16? Well, you should mind that using this feature costs additional battery drain – as warned by Apple.

The company stated this as a disclaimer in the public support document it shared for how to enable the haptic keyboard in your iPhone. Well, even if it doesn’t mention anything, it’s understandable that using a vibrating feature for every touch will drain the battery more in any device.

iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard

One of the exciting announcements from Apple on the iPhone 14 series launch is the iOS 16 – which contains numerous new features for enhancing your experience. One among them is the Haptic Keyboard – which offers vibration on every tap you make on the iPhone keyboard.

Well, this has been present in Android smartphones for over a decade, so it’s only exciting for the Apple community – who may be feeling it for the first time. This shouldn’t be confused with the touch sounds on keypress, which has been available in both Android and iOS for quite a time.

Well, guiding users on how to enable Haptic Keyboard on their iPhones, Apple mentioned that “Turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone.” Well, it’s understandable that using any feature that requires more power-sucking from hardware – will drain the battery powering it.

So, you should mind this warning before enabling the haptic keyboard. And for how deep this drain would happen, Apple didn’t mention any definitive number. So you should assume that the more haptics you use, the more likely you’ll deplete the battery.

The new Haptic Keyboard feature uses Apple’s Taptic Engine – which has been powering other applications with vibration. Hoping that you’d act accordingly, iOS 16 has got other interesting features like lock Screen customizations, iMessage enhancements, notification updates, etc., to try.


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