As per reports, Apple could fit in larger batteries in its upcoming iPhone 13 series to bring more helpful features to the users.

These could be Always-on-Display and support to 120Hz screen refresh rate. Users highly request these two features for a long time.

Always-on-Display in iPhone 13 Series

Apple last year introduced Always-on-Display support for its latest smartwatch – Apple Watch 6 – that led users to check out the time and date at a glance without any interaction.

The Always-on-Display is extremely helpful and is optimized to use less battery too. Since it’s helpful, many Apple fans have asked the company to bring this support to the iPhone lineup.

And the company is most likely to comply with its upcoming iPhone 13 series. As per Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple will equip larger batteries in its upcoming premium handsets to support the above-talked features.

Always-on-Display, in special, is a much-needed one. Hoping that OLED LTPO displays will power the iPhone 13 series, they should draw less power for always-on-Display.

This will let users check the date, time dial, and app notifications quickly. Any further interaction may light up the screen and ask for unlocking as usual. It’s found to be extremely helpful from the Apple Watch 6 users.

Apart from Always-on-Display, Apple setting in larger batteries can also help power the 120Hz screen refresh rate, which the community has been asked for so long.

Many of its competitors like Huawei and Samsung have had it for so long, and Apple failed to bring this support even on the iPhone 12 Pro variant last year.

Hoping that this would change at least in the upcoming premium handsets, equipping larger batteries can increase the phone’s size, which the users should note.

Also, earlier reports revealed that Apple might introduce charging coils on the iPhone rear to charge up accessories, have a smaller notch, and more.


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