Like any other company, Apple tries hard to keep its upcoming products or services secret until they’re officially announced.

But this doesn’t stop insiders from leaking critical details and spoil hype for the company. One case of such has gone far, where Apple warned a leaker sharing undisclosed details of the iPhone 12 series for doing so.

Apple Leakers Gets Warning

It’s usual that several insiders and tipsters leak sensitive details of a company’s upcoming project to either hype or kill the excitement in the community.

While this could entertain the receivers a lot, it could sometimes also hurt the companies as the details shared may help rivals. Thus, they can get down to track the intermediaries and file lawsuits even to hold them up.

Apple has sent a warning notice to few leakers in this pursuit, who were frequently leaking undisclosed details of its upcoming projects. One big name in that is Kang, who shared a legal notice received from Apple’s law firm this week.

In his blog post on Weibo, Kang said that Apple should limit its tracking and warnings to those actual leakers and not the ones who share “riddles and dreams” of its upcoming projects.

According to AppleTrack leaderboard, a list ranking top leakers of Apple news, Kang was named on top as he gets reliable tips and leaks most of the time.

According to Apple’s warning, Kang in before iPhone 12 launch, has leaked details of it, which it felt could benefit rivals and mislead the community. Thus, it warned Kang to avoid this.

On the other hand, Kang affirmed that he hadn’t disclosed any pictures of the iPhone 12 series nor specifications but just talked about all the four models Apple had prepared, their prices, colors, and planned release dates.


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