DigiTimes reported that the upcoming 15″ MacBook Air would be equipped with an Apple M2 chip – and be launched in the second quarter of this year.

The report also states the mass production of this new MacBook Air was started late last month and will be the first of its kind with a large display in the Air series. Other reports further state that Apple may update this MacBook Air with an M3 chip later this year.

A 15″ MacBook Air With M2 Chip

For years, MacBook Air has been offered only in either 11″ or 13″, making it a budget offering with less competitive specs than others. But Apple is stepping up in the laptop market with a needed offering – a 15″ MacBook Air – making it only of the highly anticipated products of this year.

While it’s scheduled to come sometime this year, a report from DigiTimes state that it’ll equip the Apple M2 chip within. The OEM has already updated last year’s MacBook Air with an M2 chip, but it was of a 13″ display size.

Apple M2 is a second-generation 5nm process made by TSMC and is considered by industry experts as a stopgap for MacBook Air until a 3nm-based M3 chip is ready. Well, some other sources state that Apple could update the MacBook Air again later this year with an M3 chip!

Though it’s unusual for Apple to update the MacBook Air twice in such a short timeframe – but it is still possible. TSMC has already started the mass production of M3 chips for Apple, and we might see them coming in most Apple devices later this year.

As for the date, Apple’s 15″ MacBook Air is expected to come in the second quarter of this year. This was stated by DigiTimes and several independent analysts – like Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young.


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