Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple could be working on a much pricier variant of its flagship smartphone – reportedly an iPhone Ultra.

This could be placed above the current Max and Pro Max handsets, with high-end hardware and exclusive features. This comes after a hint from the company’s CEO that people are really willing to stretch to get the best they can afford.

A New High-End iPhone Variant

As if paying over $1,500 isn’t enough, Apple is reportedly working on a pricier variant of its iPhone – with it supposedly being called an Ultra model! This speculation comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who predicted a bunch of things regarding Apple accurately in the past.

Now, based on a comment made by Tim Cook in an interview, he expects Apple to come with an iPhone Ultra model as soon as this year – probably with iPhone 15 Series, which may cost a bit more than what we’re paying now for the Pro Max models.

Tim Cook was cited as saying, “The iPhone has become so integral [to] people’s lives. I think people are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category,” – to analysts who asked if the increasing average price of the iPhone was sustainable.

Since he sees the demand despite the expensive price tag, Apple may pursue making an Ultra model iPhone! There were already rumors on how iPhone 15 Pro Max could be rebranded as iPhone 15 Ultra. But with these fresh speculations, we can safely assume a new model in the iPhone line-up.

As for what this Ultra model could be special is unknown for now, but we expect it to bear a faster processor, better camera hardware than the Pro and Pro Max, and an even larger display. There are tips on how Apple might fit in some futuristic features like dropping the charging port, WiFi 6E, setting solid-state buttons, etc.


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