As reported by a few users and later confirmed by us, Apple’s privacy labels have mysteriously disappeared from App Store.

Also known as the nutrition labels, these privacy labels show detailed information on what data is collected by an app, to let users make an informed decision while using it. While Apple didn’t acknowledge it yet, a source familiar with the matter said it’ll be resolved soon.

Privacy Labels in App Store

Apple is touted to be the best OEM for users’ privacy, and it’s for a reason. The company is seen taking a lot of measures to protect users’ privacy, by offering them the best security tools to safeguard their data.

In this pursuit, Apple announced nutrition labels (also known as privacy labels) at WWDC 2020 event, alongside the iOS 14. These are the responses filled by app developers in App Store, to all the general privacy-related questions.

These specifically include three categories “data used to track you,” “data linked to you,” and “data not linked to you. The aim here is to let users make an informed decision by knowing what data these apps take in.

Saying that it’s a “transparent overview of an app’s privacy practices is key to building trust with potential users,” Apple said developers should also provide an option for users to opt-out. But on late Monday, many users started reporting the missing of these details in the App Store.

The reason for this abrupt missing isn’t known yet, while Apple’s system status page indicates no issues with any of its services, as of now. While we hope it’s some kind of bug causing the disappearance, a source familiar with the matter said to 9to5Mac that it’ll be fixed as soon.


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