The workers at the Apple store in Oklahoma’s Penn Square Mall have now become the second union in the US, after workers in Maryland in the mid-this year.

They have named their union as the Penn Square Labor Alliance and are planning to join the Communications Workers of America. They’re now firm that Apple would come to the table to negotiate their opportunities for a better life.

Second Apple Store Union in the US

Since early this year, Apple store workers in the US are elevating their need to form worker unions – in the hope of a better life – considering the rising living costs. Workers at many stores have reportedly used encrypted chat messenger and Android phones instead of iPhones to avoid surveillance from Apple.

Earlier, Apple was accused of thwarting attempts at workers’ unionization efforts, like instructing the store managers with anti-union talking points and even holding the perks of additional health benefits and funding for educational opportunities to the unionized members.

Well, all these didn’t stop the workers from forming their union – with the first one being from the Maryland store in mid this year. And now, following their inspiration, the workers at Oklahoma’s Penn Square have formed their union, too, becoming the second such union in the US.

They named this group Penn Square Labor Alliance, and according to National Labor Relations Board, 56 of the total 100 workers voted in favor of forming a union, while 32 of them voted against it. Since they won, they’re now in hope of negotiating proper talks with Apple for better opportunities.

The new union from Oklahoma is also planning to join the Communications Workers of America, which also represents unions from AT&T and Verizon. Talking about this, an Apple spokesperson said;

“We believe the open, direct, and collaborative relationship we have with our valued team members is the best way to provide an excellent experience for our customers and for our teams. We’re proud to provide our team members with strong compensation and exceptional benefits.”


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