Putting off the burden of repairing unauthorized iPhones, Apple directed its stores and authorized centers not to service stolen or lost iPhones.

In an internal memo shared earlier this week, Apple said it’d notify the store representatives and authorized repairers about a stolen/lost iPhone, through its MobileGenius or GSX systems. This move should reduce the number of stolen iPhones brought to the service center.

Denying Stolen and Lost iPhones

Being a premium gadget, stolen or lost iPhones are often brought to service centers for unlocking and repairing to be usable. While legitimate users having them serviced for good is okay, serving unauthorized people isn’t.

Thus, Apple now ordered its stores and authorized service centers to deny servicing the stolen or lost iPhones, brought in by people. This is as per an internal memo shared by Apple to its Authorized Service Providers and Stores, obtained by MacRumors.

Before accepting the device to repair, the authorized personnel will be alerted through their internal MobileGenius or GSX systems. And if the device is noted as missing (stolen/lost), they can respectfully decline to service the device.

This comes from the data people report to GSMA Device Registry – a global database setup for customers to report their devices as missing, in the event of loss or theft. Apple technicians in the company’s Stores and Authorized Service centers are already unable to service an iPhone if the Find My iPhone is enabled by the customer.

And this new policy will just expand the service declining scope, and also help prevent stolen iPhones to be repaired by Apple, even if they never had to Find My iPhone enabled. So if you have an iPhone, make sure you disable the Find My Phone if not needed.


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