After the launch of the M2 MacBook Pros and the new HomePod, Apple has adjusted the trade-in values of most of its devices in the store.

While products like iPhone 13 series have declined in their trade-in values, iPhone 11 and older devices stayed the same. More interestingly, Apple is offering an increased trade-in value for old MacBook Air and Pro models.

Apple Products Latest Trade-In Values

It’s usual that OEMs offering a trade-in program would most likely adjust the prices of some of their products – so they are exchanged at reasonable values. Apple is one among them, offering trade-in purchases for most of its hardware goods.

And with the launch of revamped HomePod and M2 Chip-based MacBook Pros, Apple has silently adjusted the trade-in values of a few of its devices. As noted by MacRumors, the newer iPhone models – iPhone 13 series have seen a sharp cut in their trade-in values after the new product launch.

For instance, trading your iPhone 13 Pro Max against a new Apple device will net you $570, which is down from last week’s value of $650 for the same piece. The iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, will grant you $470 toward a new purchase, down from the $550 value last week.

And at last, the regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini’s latest trade-in values stand at a maximum price of $400 and $350, down from $450 and $380, respectively. While this is the case for the latest Apple smartphones, iPhone 11 still maintains its trade-in value of $200, with a similar story for iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices too.

Coming to the latest iPad Pro, Apple will offer you a maximum of $445 for trade-ins. And interestingly, the Cupertino-based company is offering an increased trade-in value for most Mac models! For example, an old MacBook Pro would get you up to $670 on exchange (up from $630), while an old MacBook Air will get you upto $460 (up from $440) in trade-in value.


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