In a new turn of events, some Apple users are complaining about bricking their MacBooks after updating to the latest macOS Big Sur. This has been persistent with most users who tried with their MacBook Pro, bought from late 2013 to 2014. A user claims that Apple is aware of the issue and may come with an update soon.

Wait Until Apple Comes With a Solution

Apple has proudly announced its new macOS Big Sur earlier this year. And when it started rolling to everyone since last week, updated users have raised common problems like black screen appearances. Many have taken to the Apple Support forums to complain about the issue and seek a solution.

macOS Big Sur Update Bricks Our Old MacBook Pros
macOS Big Sur Update Bricks Our Old MacBook Pros

The new macOS Big Sur has a lot of features to try out. While this excites the users to experience it as soon as released, it’s now leaving all then astonished for doing so. As one user reported, “I saw that there was an update to Big Sur today so clicked ‘Update.’

It all downloaded fine, and I clicked all the items to go ahead. It said it’d be a while, so I stepped away from the computer. When I returned, the screen was black – no status bar, no nothing, but I could tell the LED was on. Nothing would wake it up, so I eventually held the power button to force a shutdown.”

The same happened to many, especially with the users who tried updating to Big Sur on their MacBook Air bought in late 2013 and 2014. Both the models of 13″ and 15″ seem to have been affected. MacRumors reports that few users have tried various troubleshooting methods as SMC resets, internet recovery, booting in safe mode, NVRAM, all gone in vain.

Fortunately, one user in Apple’s Support forum said that Apple is aware of the issue. Thus it may come up with something soon. Further, the problem was seemingly linked to the HDMI port’s IC chip, as users report getting their notebooks back after unplugging/replacing the I/O board.

While this worked for a few, trying this to recover is at your own risk. Considering all the Macs bought in 2013, and 2014 have expired in their warranty, it is advised not to try them until Apple comes with a reliable solution. And those who haven’t update, be glad and better wait.


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