A new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple is planning to set Micro LED displays in the high-end Apple Watch by 2024.

This corroborates the previous report from Jeff Pu, another analyst who said the same. Using Micro LED panels for Apple Watch will let users view the content better from any angle and brighter. This also marks Apple’s move to use more in-house products for the better good.

Micro LED Display for Apple Watch

Gradually, Apple is preparing to ditch every one of its partners for crucial components and replace them with native ones in its products. In this pursuit, the company is reportedly setting up in-house-made Micro LED displays for the high-end Apple Watch in 2024 – says, Mark Gurman.

His Bloomberg report corroborates the previous report from Jeff Pu, who stated the same. While we’re yet to know whether Apple will use these panels for all stainless steel watches or just the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s interesting to see Apple finally making its own displays for its products.

Micro LED has the same benefits as OLED, but with more brightness and vivid colors. This would let users view the content better from all angles – just like it’s painted on the glass! Well, since it’s expensive to make the Micro LED displays, we expect these to be fitted only in the high-end Apple Watches for now and maybe later to other products in the line.

To date, most Apple products use the display made by Samsung or LG – who are also competitors in the same industry! Thus, making its own displays reduces the reliance on these partners, similar to how Apple ditched Intel for their chips in MacBooks.

Also, it’s reported that Apple is also planning to cut Broadcom and Qualcomm for their cellular modems, Bluetooth chips, and Wi-Fi chips in their products. Thus, expect more in-house made components to power future Apple devices.


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