As per reports, Apple is set to refresh all of its Mac lineups with a new in-house made silicone chip, which can blow off the M1 performance. The chip has several codenames set according to the Mac device it’s going into. While more details on this are yet to reveal, the one coming to MacBook Pro this summer is said to be having 10-cores for CPU and 16-32 cores for GPU.

New Apple Chip Beating the M1 Scores

Apple's New MacBook Pro Will be Powered by a 10-Core Silicon Chip

Apple’s decision of transitioning away from Intel to its own in-house-made chip is applauded, as the company is able to prove in every step possible. The launch of the Apple M1 last year is a huge success, as the silicon chip recorded some unbelievable performance scores than many high-end chips then.

Now, Apple is coming with another bang as per Bloomberg, who reported that Apple is debuting a new silicon chip that powers the future Mac lineup. According to it, the 2021 edition of the 16″ MacBook Pro launching this summer will have new chips (CPU and GPU) codenamed Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die.

These will be special, as the CPU is reportedly having 10 cores, where eight of them will be performance cores and the rest two will be efficient ones. As they’re built on ARM architecture, which uses big.LITTLE setup, some cores will be performance ones that handle heavy tasks, where the efficient cores handle light tasks suitable for them.

And the current M1-based MacBook Pro is having 8 cores, where the performance and efficiency cores are equally configured. Thus, a jump to 8:2 is a big step. Also, the GPU of this chip will possess either 16 or 32 cores. All this will be known in near future, when the MacBook Pro debuts with a MagSafe charging port, HDMI, and an SD card reader alongside the new chip.

Also, the new chip is said to be maxing out at 64GB of RAM and support more Thunderbolt ports and more external devices. Similarly, Apple is refreshing the other Mac devices like MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro with this new chip for extraordinary performance.


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