RootMetrics, an analytics firm, has shared a report on the three major telecom carriers in the US, ranking them on various counts in H2 of 2021.

The overall winner of this report is handed to AT&T, as it topped in most cases. This was followed by Verizon and T-Mobile. Analytics are calculated in various means like accessibility, speed, data, call, text, etc. Here’s more in detail;

Best Telecom in H2 2021

The report from RootMetrics is collected from all the 50 states across the US, in over 125 of the nation’s most populated metropolitan areas. Using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, RootMetrics has conducted over 3 million tests daily and night while walking and driving modes to produce the State of the Mobile Union report.

AT&T has stood at No.1 in the overall position after excelling in speed, data, text performance, and availability vectors. While it didn’t perform well in the median download speed, it still matched with Verizon, the second ranker in most cases.

Thereby, AT&T improved its position to No.1 from No.2 in H1 2021. Verizon, in second place, has performed well in every category at the national level, earning the best scores in performance and accessibility. In addition, the carrier’s median download speed was around 40.8 Mbps, which is a 20% improvement from its 1H 2021 results.

Verizon has made over $45 billion investments in the past two years, more than AT&T and T-Mobile combined, which improved its 5G coverage in 122 of the 125 cities tested. T-Mobile followed this, which maintained low grades in most segments but has over 100 Mbps median download speeds!

T-Mobile has risen from zero to 47 markets in H2 of 2021 and has over 200 Mbps in 13 of the 47 cities and over 300 Mbps in two of them! In addition, the median speed of T-Mobile stood above 50 Mbps.


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