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No More Coronavirus Misinformation

COVID-19: NewsGuard Offers Free Service to Stop Fake Coronavirus News

Amidst COVID-19 breakout, fighting the spread of misinformation is as important as fighting the disease. Doing that in the best possible way is NewsGuard,...
Astaroth Malware

Astaroth Malware: Microsoft Windows 10 Warns About Data Stealing Malware

Microsoft is warning users about an old threat, which reincarnated with new methods to be stealthier. Astaroth malware gang was detected and mitigated by...
Microsoft Vulnerability in Windows 10

Microsoft Warns About a Potential Zero Day RCE Attack in Windows 10

Microsoft just warned the community about ongoing zero-day exploitation. The vulnerability in this incident is found in Adobe's Type Manager Library (atmfd.dll), which is...
Windows Defender Bug

Windows Defender Bug: Showing False Notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 often coming up with unknown problems is turning normal these days. The latest complaint in the Microsoft forums reveals several users receiving...
WHO on Whatsapp

COVID-19: WHO Joins WhatsApp to Provide Genuine Information to the Users

World Health Organization (WHO) is stepping into the digital world for spreading awareness about COVID-19. The health authority is now on WhatsApp as a...
Twitter on Covid19

Twitter Prioritizes Health Experts to Stop Misinformation about Coronavirus

After Google made a website for giving authentic updates on COVID-19, Twitter is making its own contribution now. The American microblogging platform is verifying...
Windows 10 new updates.

Windows 10 to Have the Following Smart Updates in its Next Upgrade

Microsoft had a hard time with its updates recently. Yet, the company pledges to roll them anyway and assures users a definite excitement this...

Google Finally Made a Website For Live COVID-19 Updates

A hard job of finding authentic websites for Coronavirus information has come to an end now. After Trump suggested Google to make up a...
Linux Mint Released LMDE 4 Called “Debbie”, Based on Debian OS

Linux Mint Released LMDE 4 Called “Debbie”, Based on Debian OS

Researchers declared that Linux distributions are having more vulnerabilities, popular devs as Ubuntu and Mint aren't stopping their innovations. Linux Mint developers have just...

NSA’s Python Programming Training Course is Now Open for Public to Learn

Ever thought how NSA cyber experts deal with computer problems? Or at least how they'd be trained with NSA specifications? Here's a guy who...

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