The maker of Battlegrounds Mobile India has released a server-side update to fix few known issues in the game, which were reported by users last week.

These include fixing the sudden shutdown of the game, getting stuck at loading screens, reducing the Tesla car sounds of other players, and getting hit while riding a buggy vehicle in Ignition mode. Few other reported issues need to be solved.

Bug Fixes For Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Indian version of PUBG – Battlegrounds Mobile India from Krafton Inc has received a silent server-side update to fix the issues reported by users since last week.

These are fixing the sudden stoppage of the game when the players are accessing the Season (C1S1) menu on some devices. Also, solving the game freezing at the loading screen when the player is wearing Unicorn-set outfits.

Further, Krafton Inc has also solved the sound coming from Tesla cars while other players drive. Of course, it should be since it’s an electric car (by nature). And at last, a fix for players not getting shot while riding a buggy vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode.

All these are mentioned by the developer in its release notes of the BGMI blog. And since this is a server-side update, you don’t need to update the app from any app store, but a mere restarting should solve the issues.

Apart from these, there are few more issues reported by users yet to be resolved. These are;

  • The inability to claim UC rewards even after purchasing. Users are shown an error message saying, “UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase.
  • Also, not being able to claim Daily Special Bonuses and redirecting users to the wrong page when accessing the Supply Medal claimed from Advanced Supplies Crate.


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