Despite making fine sales through iPhone 11 series, Apple’s been warned about Huawei’s domestic growth. The Chinese giant Huawei has released its third-quarter reports which showed the company’s market share to be staggering 42% of the total Chinese smartphone market! That’s a 66% annualized growth and blew up analysts minds. The US removing the barriers for Microsoft to trade with Huawei is yet another factor showing its strength.

Huawei's Strong Regional Growth Could Affect Apple's Future
Huawei’s Strong Regional Growth Could Affect Apple’s Future

Apple Needs China, Whatever the reason could be, it cannot afford to lose the big market of the world. There is about 250 Million Chinese use Apple products and the American company relies much on its cheap labour. All these sums up the company’s taking hit over hit if not done something exceptional soon.

iPhone 11 – The Saviour.

Launch of iPhone 11 in last quarter satisfied the company’s dire thirst. Bloomberg’s report estimated that Apple has shipped over 10millon units of these new models at the end of last quarter, which makes the company show some reasonable earnings to the public. The new model is well received by fans even some awkward camera designs.

Porsche’s Affect

Porsche’s North American CEO, Klaus Zellmer shared opinion in the Automobility conference last week that, they’re making plans for tuning their cars more Android-centric. While 80% of Chinese Porsche owners use iPhones, they’re willing to switch to Android as their next phone (40% of them as revealed in the survey).

Further, 91% of North American Porsche owners use iPhones, but that’s all about to change soon as assumed by Klaus. This makes even Porsche be turning away from Apple (not completely), which makes a significant dent on it.

After all, Apple couldn’t lose China. Though Apple got succeeded in gaining loyal fans over time, Huawei’s focus on their nation’s culture has gained even core fans. As Forbes reported, “There is brand loyalty between iOS and Android, but within the Android ecosystem, there is brand fluidity.”

Source – Forbes


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