In today’s world, programming has become one of the most intelligent and demanding careers. So, if you are a computer guy and looking for some great Android apps for developers and programmers, then you are in the right place.

As learning is getting more digital, the demand for programmers is also increasing. Everything you use in your PCs and smartphones or any digital machine is a result of programming. So, learning this skill also takes a lot of potentials. Therefore, we have these trusted and best Android applications for developers and programmers. Using these apps, you can continue learning from anywhere.

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Best Android Apps for Developers & Programmers in 2022

Even though tons of such apps are available on the internet, we have listed the best among all developers and programmers Android apps for all newbies and experienced ones. These apps were sorted based on their contents, functionality, and facilities. Check out the list below to know in detail:

1. Programming Hub

Programming Hub

The programming hub is one of my personal favorites and a must-have app for all programmers. The app supports C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Assembly, PHP, VB.Net, and other programming languages.

It has an elegant interface and contains some basic and important programs. Moreover, the examples are represented and understandably, along with the compiled output. There are over 5000+ programs and 20+ programming languages available. Plus, they claim to provide the fastest compiler in the world for Android.

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2. Algoid


Algoid is one of the best Android apps for developers and programmers. It gives users the feel of a real programming workstation. It provides a scope explorer for better understanding, a real-time debugger, and a step-by-step execution mode.

Some of the most highlighted features include Syntax highlighting, debugger with breakpoints, syntax error handling, and unlimited undo and redo. The app is basically dedicated to self-learning and makes learning much fun.

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AIDE is an integrated development environment used for developing Android applications. However, it is especially for all the Java coders. Become an expert in Android app development by following step-by-step coding lessons.

The app supports a feature-rich editor, where you can write codes and compile them and visually design apps. It also supports real-time error checking, refactoring, smart code navigation, etc.

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4. DroidEdit


Similar to Notepad ++, DroidEdit is a text and source code editor. This is another impressive Android app for developers and coders. It supports multiple languages like C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Latex, SQL, etc.

DroidEdit provides various features such as Auto & Block Indentation, character encoding, sharing documents, and so much more. Furthermore, the pro version features SFTP/FTP support, custom themes, root mode, etc. This amazing app is specially used for the new generation of Android tablets with external keyboards.

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5. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

Well, if we are talking about the best Android Apps for coders, how can we forget about this great one? Syntax Highlighting Code Editor, as the name suggests, highlights every line of your code accordingly.

The app is fully customizable and supports around 9 different languages. Moreover, it supports auto-indentation, read-only mode, auto-complete, and many other features.

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6. C++ Programming

C++ Programming

Want to become a C++ programming master? With the ‘Learn C++ Programming’ app, you can start with your journey in programming. It provides users with several Programming Tutorials, Programming Lessons, many FAQs, and exam-related Questions.

There are over 140 programs with proper comments and better understanding. You can start with the basics and continue with advanced programming as well. With these features, all your learning needs are bundled in a single code learning app.

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7. Learn Java

Learn Java

Learn Java is a greatly improved learning environment with more tutorials, lessons, real practice opportunities, and community support. The app is a learning partner of SoloLearn and is a comprehensive guide to one of the most popular programming languages.

There are about 64 lessons by Learn Java, which includes all the basics. The lessons are made easy and effective. Plus, users get to learn everything completely for free.

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8. Udacity


Udacity comes with a cool-looking interface and makes learning much easier and more fun. Master in-demand skills in today’s most trending professions. It allows users to download classes and content ahead of time for offline work sessions. If you are looking for an app that perfectly fits your lifestyle, Udacity is just the right option for you.

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9. C4droid


C4droid is a robust C/C++ IDE that comes along with an offline C/C++ compiler. The application features a very sleek and user-friendly interface. The best thing is it doesn’t require a rooted device, and you can create your programs and applications and export them even without an internet connection.

Besides, it comes with support for SDL, SDL2, SFML, Allegro, and many more. C4droid has a highly customizable GUI and has full support for ANSI C and ISO C99.

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10. Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor

Quoda is a multi-language code editor with integrated support for SFTP/FTP servers. The app is completely free to use and offers developers a sophisticated environment. Some of its highlighted features are cross-section editing, syntax-highlighting, Dropbox & Google Drive integration, keybindings, etc.

Moreover, the editor covers most programming languages and is constantly updated with support for newer languages.

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From Editor’s Desk

These were some of the best apps for all developers and programmers to learn coding/programming. Users can start from the basics and move to the advanced levels accordingly. Please choose any of them matching your necessities, and do let us know in the comments.


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