All of us nowadays have a wifi router at home or the workplace, and to be honest, it is the essential device to keep your work going. However, managing wifi routers is a bit difficult as the settings are not accessible easily. In such a situation, a wifi router control app may come handy.

A wifi control app helps users to access different settings of your router. You can also use these apps to open the modem login page from your smartphone. Furthermost, some wifi router control apps also show network-related stats.

Although there are many such apps available for Android devices to use today, we have chosen some of the best among them. Our list contains brand-specific and universal apps. You can choose any of the following options according to your requirements.

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List of Best Apps To Control Your Router

  • All Router Admin
  • Linksys
  • TP-Link Tether
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Tenda WiFi
  • WiFi Router Master & Analyzer
  • Fing
  • Router Admin Setup Control & Speed Test

1. All Router Admin

All Router AdminIt is a simple router control app that brings all the settings under a single roof. That works with all brands of routers and has a fast connectivity time. All Router Admin doesn’t need to be set up as it comes ready to use.

Some of the features that you will get in the app are changing router passwords, blocking users, applying Parental Control, etc. Moreover, the app is free to use. However, the interface is filled with ads.


2. Linksys

LinksysLinksys X is like a command Centre or a Wi-Fi router to let users control it from anywhere. Users can check the total number of connected devices from the app, apply Parental Control, create guest accounts, etc. In addition, you can check the Wi-Fi bandwidth and other network attributes through this app.

A unique feature of the app is device prioritization which improves internet quality on your preferred devices. There is also a paid version of Linksys that protects you from external threats from wifi. You can also stick with the free version for basic uses.


3. TP-Link Tether

TP-Link TetherOne of the most famous router brands TP-Link also has its own Wi-Fi control app. The app’s main purpose is to support the users of TP-Link routers. You can remotely manage your Wi-Fi settings using your Android device. TP-Link Tether is also available for iOS users.

Users get full control to block any unauthorized intruders in their Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, they can change the SSID password and VDSL/ ADSL settings. A TP-Link Tether can manage multiple routers at a time.


4. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi AnalyzerOur following inclusion is a feature-rich Wi-Fi router controller app for android smartphones. In addition, WiFi Analyzer has an easy-to-use interface to help non-technical and elderly users to control their routers. All the features of these apps are available on the dashboard.

You can connect your smartphone with your wireless router through QR code and E2connect. Once you are connected to your router, all the features become available to use. There is a Wi-Fi analytics option to check the quality of your network.


5. Tenda WiFi

Tenda WiFiThis router controller app aims to provide convenient features to the users at their fingertips. Some of the features offered by Tenda WiFi are password sharing, prioritizing devices, and others. Additionally, you will get details network information from it.

In a word Tenda WiFi is and one-stop solution for router management through your smartphone. The app is completely free to use. But you may sometimes get annoyed with repeated commercials.


6. WiFi Router Master & Analyzer

WiFi Router Master & AnalyzerIf you are fed up with network issues and suspect someone of trespassing your Wi-Fi connection then WiFi Router Master & Analyzer will help you out. The app lets users see all the active devices logged into their network. They can also block unwanted users if required.

Apart from that, the app can be used to check the internet speed of 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi Hotspots, and other connections. There is a database of default passwords in WiFi Router Master & Analyzer in which you may need to unlock your router settings.


7. Fing

FingFing is a popular router control app that helps users to discover all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. The best part of the app is that it is compatible with almost all brands of routers. Besides getting information about who is using your Wi-Fi, you will also get several other functionalities in the app.

For example, you can check your Wi-Fi and cellular internet speed, scan for LAN, recognize IP address, etc. There is an active support team behind the app with whom you can contact via email and raise your question.  Fing provides in-app purchases to remove ads.


8. Router Admin Setup Control & Speed Test

Router Admin Setup Control & Speed TestIt is an Android application that helps you to configure your router and control different settings through your smartphone. You will get almost all the features required to use in Router Admin Setup Control & Speed Test. In addition, users can use it for free.

Some of the convenience features available in the app are the default router password directory, router speed test, device log, Wi-Fi information, etc. All over Router Admin Setup Control & Speed Test is worth consideration.



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