With the exponential growth of eCommerce over the past few years, customers and businesses have great platforms to interact with. That is why customers can buy products from anywhere. There are a lot of great Chinese shopping sites that offer great products at affordable prices. 

Chinese brands make great electronics at very cheap rates, and if you live in another region, you can get all that stuff at significant discounts. So that is why it is always good to know the best Chinese shopping sites.

This guide lists the best Chinese shopping sites. Visit them to buy the latest gadgets, clothes, accessories, etc. 

Best Chinese Shopping Sites

1. AliExpress

If there is one reliable Chinese shopping site where you can find everything you need, it is probably AliExpress. This is easily one of the best Chinese shopping sites for new users because it is designed for international buyers.AliExpress

It has a lot of shopping categories, just like Amazon, eBay, and other shopping sites. Furthermore, you can also find some rare products which otherwise might not be available in your region.

On this site, businesses and individuals sell their products. There is also a 35-day Buyer Protection program, which allows customers to get a money-back guarantee on certain items. 

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2. YesStyle

Next up on the list is YesStyle, which is also a famous Chinese shopping site. If you are into Chinese, Korean, or Japanese fashion, this is one of the best shopping sites.

You can easily find Japanese and Korean fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. It is also a very old operational site, as the platform started in 1998. YesStyle

For people who are into apparel and cosmetics, this is a fun place to browse through, as you can find many fantastic products here. One of the best things about this platform is its customer support. They treat every customer equally and give them priority. So you can try it out. 

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3. Gearbest

Gearbest is relatively new in the eCommerce game, but it is still a reputable Chinese shopping site many people actively use. One of the good things about this shopping site is that it has a warehouse in the US.Gearbest

So whenever you place an order on this site, it gets processed and delivered quickly. This also reduces the risk for unregistered users. 

Unregistered users can get free shipping on their orders, but the shipping time can go up to 45 days. They also have a partnership with Xiaomi, which is one of the leading Chinese smartphone brands. So you can get a lot of exciting offers on Xiaomi smartphones. 

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4. DHgate

DHgate is the answer for people who are looking for a reliable Chinese shopping platform with fast shipping. It is one of the largest B2B online marketplaces in China.

This site allows you to easily connect with small—and medium-sized suppliers and purchase Chinese goods at affordable prices.DHgate

While most sites on the list are customer-oriented, this one is built on the B2B model. Here, you can connect with wholesalers and buy watches, shoes, and electronics at an affordable price. It accepts many payment methods, and the shipping is quite fast as well. 

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5. Banggood

China is known for making great electronics at a very affordable price. Well, this is the site that will bring you all that Chinese electrical goods.Banggood

If you are looking to buy affordable Chinese electrical goods, Banggood is the place to go. You can find products such as mobile phones and electrical appliances. 

This site is a direct competitor of AliExpress, and the products you get here are pretty cool. You can get great discounts on many products on this site, especially during the Chinese New Year. So make sure to check it out. 

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6. GeekBuying

The site’s name might give you a pretty good idea of what it offers. GeekBuying mainly sells electrical and technical goods. It also sells some pretty nerdy stuff, like remote-controlled cars and electric scooters.GeekBuying

The site offers free standard shipping and great pricing for its products. If you plan to transform your home and add smart gadgets, you will find much cool stuff here. 

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7. Shein

If you use TikTok, you must have come across Shein as it is popularized by TikTok and is a stop for young audiences for their fashion accessories.Shein

It was one of the most trending terms on TikTok and YouTube. Based in China, the platform exports to over 220 countries, and the United States is one of its biggest user bases. 

The vital thing to note is that they mainly focus on women’s apparel and offer many products like tops, bottoms, bodysuits, dresses, two-piece sets, swimwear, lingerie, etc. They have some cool and modern trends that you are going to love. 

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8. DealExtreme

DealExtreme is one of the most popular Chinese shopping sites on the list. In terms of popularity alone, the site competes directly with AliExpress.DealExtreme

One of the best things about DealExtreme is that all of their merchandise comes with free shipping. They ship directly from their Hong Kong warehouse. 

This site mainly sells electronics, so if you want electrical equipment for your home or office, you might consider buying from it. You can also get many great offers around the Chinese New Year. 

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