Your phone rings during important meetings, and your boss starts shouting at you. Don’t worry, as Do Not Disturb mode is a feature in most Android phones, saving us from embarrassing situations. And if not, we have some cool DND apps for Android to keep you from your boss as well as getting disturbed on a date.

Sometimes we want to spare some time from our smartphones, and that’s where these Do no disturb apps come into work. These apps will ensure you stay productive without wasting unnecessary time on your smartphone.

Best Do Not Disturb Apps For Android in 2023

Most do not disturb functions silence the phone. But there are some more additional functions provided by other apps. Here is the best do not disturb apps that will save you time and boost your productivity.

1. Nights Keeper (do not disturb)

Nights Keeper (do not disturb)

This app will protect you by blocking all the calls but not the one whitelisted to attend the important calls and notifications as only those contacts can pass through it. This is one of the best do not disturb apps for Android as it is very easy to use. And this app also allows building different profiles for weekdays, which helps schedule your time accordingly.

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2. Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

This is another app for those who don’t want to be disturbed during meetings. This app blocks all the calls in silent mode but not the allowed contacts. It ranks no. 2 in the top Do Not Disturb apps as it has a beautiful user interface. You can add important contacts to the whitelist. So if you want to use any DND app, you can consider this.

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3. Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play

Game Mode - Block Notifications during Game Play

It is a little different from the traditional DND apps. As the number of gamers increases, this app blocks all the calls and notifications when playing games or recording gameplay. Specially designed for gamers as you can play games without getting disturbed.

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4. Polite


Polite is a great productivity app that blocks all the sounds of calls and notifications irrespective of blocklist or white list contacts. With a very user-friendly interface, it allows access to many special functions. Also, its ability to sync with the calendar is fantastic. You can easily schedule its active hours by time and on important calendar events.

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5. Easy DND (Do Not Disturb)

Easy DND (Do Not Disturb)

This will help you to apply do not disturb your phone if it is not there with an attractive and colorful user interface. The developers of XDA develop the app to make every possible function accessible to the user. This app consists of every DND function you can get on an Android phone. It consists of many options, including full mode, priority only, starred, etc.

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6. Do Not Disturb Toggle

Do Not Disturb Toggle

Well, this app can be helpful if only your phone has a DND mode. It is basically a straightforward app that provides a widget on your home screen to fast and easily control your DND mode. The first time after installation, it will ask for permission. Since then, it will toggle the on/off option for your DND mode under any situation.

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7. Call Blocker

Call Blocker - block incoming and outgoing calls

If you’re looking for a simple DND app that only affects your incoming calls, then his one is a great one to try. This app will clock all your calls automatically, depending on your DND hours.

Moreover, you get multiple features on the automation of this DND feature. So you can enable it at night to get uninterrupted sleep.

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8. Do Not Disturb by Darshan

Do Not Disturb by Dars

If you often do meetings, then Do not disturb by Darshan is an excellent app to keep. You can schedule your DND hours, which will completely block your notifications or even alarms. This app will help in case of an important meeting.

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9. Flip DND

With some exciting features, Flip DND can be a one-stop solution to remain focused. If you use the app, you only need to flip down the phone screen, and you’re free from all incoming notifications, calls, and social media SMS.

On top of that, the app is straightforward to use as it has a clean user interface. Moreover, it doesn’t consume much battery. The only drawback is that it won’t work on Samsung S20 and higher editions

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10. Auto Do Not Disturb

Auto Do Not Disturb

Auto Do Not Disturb is another excellent app you can use. With the app, you can create a custom profile that controls loud and silent accordingly.

Although it has three different modes of DND: priority only, total silence, and alarm only. Even after a beautiful user interface the app can run in low battery. All in all, Auto DND is a good app with a lot of additional features.

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So, guys, we come to the end of this article. We hope you have found some great DND app recommendations right here. Which DND services or apps do you use? Let us know in the comment box below.


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